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Out with the old, in with the new! Time for the cliché rectangular concrete patio and steps to go, replaced with larger bluestone blended patios and landings. Additional entertaining space is provided by the oversized flagstone pathway/ patio leading to the rest of the yard.



Small space, big needs... that’s the only way to describe this project. We had to screw on our creative thinking caps to integrate a pool, dramatic changes in grade, fences and a play area in a small rear yard. The outcrop steps leading to the front entry repeat in the pool area. Functional fieldstone walls reflect the casual feel of this home.



We got nuthin! This project started with a beautiful home on a lovely lot with no patio for the family, no walk to the driveway. Add a patio with an elegant shape and a blend of textures, add a sitting wall for function and definition, add plants to accent and decorate and voila! Relatively little construction pays huge returns!



Can you tie this all together? A curving, inviting, rich brick paver walk makes the connection (functionally AND aesthetically) between the home, spa house and pool at this wooded, wonderful property. The bright clay pavers play with the colorful shrub and perennial plantings.



Where once was a pool, there now is a hole! It was time; the backyard pool had to go. And opportunity knocked in the form of a wonderful outdoor living space. Formal elements combined with casual details bridge the space between home and the natural world beyond. The quirky ornamental swing is a focal point, walking path entry and most importantly, an entertaining place for grandchildren.


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